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MORTEN is a talented DJ and producer who has made a name for himself on the world music scene thanks to his innovative and characteristic style. His hit hits earned him international recognition, and his collaboration with David Guetta spawned the "Future Rave" genre.

Acclaimed by the music industry, MORTEN and David Guetta are considered the pioneers of the "Future Rave" genre, asserting their dominance and setting the standards for the new musical style. MORTEN's captivating tracks such as "Never Be Alone" (31 million streams) and "Make It To Heaven" (24 million streams) have been highly praised by the audience.

With an audience of 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, MORTEN is widely listened to by electronic music fans around the world. His ability to mix bewitching melodic vocals with powerful drops, marked by snares and gripping basses, sets him apart from other artists in the genre.

In addition to their musical success, MORTEN also enjoyed a triumph with their "BBA" merchandise collection, becoming the most successful merchandising line in Denmark, selling out within days with each new release. Additionally, he expanded his craft by hosting his own resident radio show called "Future Friday" on Tomorrowland's One World Radio station.

On stage, MORTEN has ignited the most prestigious festivals in the United States, including Ultra Music Festival, EDC Las Vegas, Sunset Music Festival, Something Wicked and Life in Color Miami. His international fame has taken him to performances at prestigious venues like BIG SLAP, where he headlined at Tivoli in Copenhagen, as well as unforgettable sets on the Ultra main stage in Miami and Tomorrowland.

Additionally, MORTEN has teamed up with David Guetta for residencies in Ushuaïa and Hï in Ibiza, as well as Guetta's European tour, where they set the stage alight in front of cheering crowds of over 20,000 fans each night.

With his talent and his innovative style, MORTEN is undoubtedly an artist to follow closely, who continues to conquer the international music scene with his unique and captivating productions.


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