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Lumberjack launches a new electronic music radioshow titled Buy Now Radio for 2023

Lumberjack shares a carefully curated selection of the best electronic sounds of the moment, as well as interviews with artists from the electronic music scene in their new weekly show.

Electronic music fans have reason to rejoice, as the French duo Lumberjack has just launched a new radioshow entitled Buy Now Radio. Episodes of the show are broadcast weekly on major streaming and download platforms, offering a carefully curated selection of the best electronic music of the moment.

Lumberjack, who are known for their unique and energetic style, have already gained a huge following in the global music scene thanks to their high-quality remixes and productions. With Buy Now Radio, they hope to continue building their fanbase and sharing their love for electronic music with an even wider audience.

Each episode of the show features a variety of electronic genres, ranging from house to techno to trance and bass. Listeners can expect to hear tracks from the biggest names in the scene, as well as the most promising emerging talents.

In addition to the music, Lumberjack has also included discussion and interview segments with special guests, offering a unique insight into the electronic music industry and the artists who make it thrive.

When asked what inspired the launch of Buy Now Radio, Lumberjack explained that their love for electronic music was the main motivation. They also emphasized their desire to stay connected with their audience, even outside of clubs and festivals.

If you're a fan of electronic music or simply curious to discover the hottest sounds of the moment, don't miss Lumberjack's Buy Now Radio. With their energetic style and passion for music, Lumberjack is sure to get you moving and wanting to hear more.


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