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Shad began his stage experiences at an early age, first on the island of Reunion where he is from, then in France where he confirmed his rise, skimmed the biggest stages and attracted the attention of renowned labels ( Futureplay, Play Two).

In 2014, Shad joined the UCPA School of DJs in Lyon with one objective: to develop his DJ/Singer project. His work and his vision earned him to be elected Major of his Promotion and 3rd in the Majors of Majors competition in 2016. Facing him was a jury of prestigious artists, including Tony Romera, Maeva Carter, Adrien Toma or even DJ Getdown!

With this experience at school and his microphone, he concretizes his project and sets up a show that combines Mix, Singing and Animation, with a dynamic program ranging from Electro to Hip Hop via Moombahton.

This show evolves year after year, and is part of a universe built around the image of peppers. It is now a unique experience combining sound, light and video, all with explosive color and atmosphere. He counts more than 250 dates in 110 clubs and festivals, and has seduced the public in the 4 corners of France and in Europe.

In October 2022, he made his first tour of the Zeniths, in 5 cities and in front of more than 30,000 people.

As active in the studio as on stage, his many productions have been listened to more than 5 million times, including 1.5 million streams just for "Sauce Piquante", his first EP. His eclectic side allows him to produce Electro, Moombahton, or even Hip Hop songs, and are like his show, varied and of quality. They could be signed on renowned labels such as Trap City, Sans Merci, Tribal Trap, Uprise Records or Diverge Records.

His remixes and mashups are also appreciated and count 15 million listenings in the world, and obtain the support of renowned artists such as David Guetta.

Shad is therefore a complete artist whose rise has only just begun, a sure bet on the French DJ scene to which he brings a touch of spice!


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