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Joachim Garraud studied piano and percussion at the conservatory. He arrived in Paris in 1989 and became a DJ at Le Boy, a club hosting the first techno parties and worked for radio Maxximum. In 1991, he mixed in electronic music festivals such as in Moscow (Gagarin Party with 30,000 people), Manchester or the Berlin Techno Parade with more than a million people in the streets. In 1992, he created the Square Prod studio in Paris.

In 1999, he co-produced the show de Jean Michel Jarre  at the Cairo pyramids. At the end of the 1990s, he teamed up with David Guetta to create music together and their 1st title Just A Little More Love released in 2001 reached number 1 in Ibiza. Their second single Love Don't Let Me Go, the first house title ranked in the USA and taken from the album Just a little more love, was released on the Gumprod label assembled together. In 2004, he co-produced the album Guetta Blaster  which will be double gold disc. He co-composes and co-produces the music for the film People (Jet Set 2). In 2005, he participated in the creation of the label F**k Me I'm Famous.

In 2006, Joachim Garraud launched a remix podcast on itunes from Apple and launches a collaboration with Pioneer DJ. In 2007, he recorded 200,000 sales for the single love is gone co-composed and co-produced with Fred Rister. He released his single Street's Sound on Joia Records. He was voted best DJ at the trophies of the night and best Electro House DJ aux FG DJ Awards, then co-produced Jean-Michel Jarre's Aero album. He is the sponsor of la Techno Parade  in Paris that same year.

In 2008, Joachim Garraud recorded 500,000 copies sold for his album pop life, and participates (with Tiësto, Carl Cox, Martin Solveig and David Guetta) in the Unighted party organized by Cathy Guetta au Stade de France7. The same year, he released his album Invasion. He was twice voted best French producer by Only For DJ's magazine.


In 2010, Joachim Garraud created theElectric Park. The festival is available in a mobile version, with a stage mounted on a truck that allows it to be easily moved to different locations.

In 2011, he became DJ in residence au Space Ibiza et teamed up with the Toolroom label for the 2011 Ibiza compilation. He released his second solo album Invasion 2011; and landed 27th place in the world ranking of DJs by the reference magazine DJ Mag. In 2012, he produced the album Kind Heaven de Perry Farrell. In 2015, he co-produced the album Electronica by Jean-Michel Jarre.

In 2016, he co-produced the album de Vitalic, Voyager, and released his solo album 96/24. In 2017, he released his experimental music album OVP (Oscillation Vibration Pulsation) consisting of a single track of 39 minutes and 39 seconds. In 2018, he created the UndGrdMusic label. In 2020, he launched the LAGoodVibe bus, a 100% autonomous mobile solar recording studio. In 2021, he created the UndGrdMelodic label, released the album OVP 2 accompanied by a double vinyl collector, and participated in the launch of the studio de Radio-Monaco in New York.


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