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Juicy M, whose real name is Marta Martinez, is a Ukrainian DJ and producer born on May 24, 1991 in kyiv. She gained global attention in 2013 with her viral video "4 CDJs Mix", propelling her career onto the international electronic music scene.


Since then, Juicy M has conquered prestigious festivals such as Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival, standing out with his energetic style and dynamic performances.


Alongside her live successes, Juicy M has established herself as a producer with hit singles like “Samurai” and “Hit The Club”. Her commitment to exploring new horizons also extends to her active social media presence, where she shares performance clips, mixing tutorials and behind-the-scenes moments, strengthening her connection with a passionate community.


Beyond her music career, Juicy M has ventured into entrepreneurial ventures related to electronic music, demonstrating her versatility. In 2023, she remains an influential figure in the global EDM scene, combining charisma, creativity and constant commitment to musical innovation. Juicy M continues to mark the industry with his infectious energy and remains a source of inspiration for electronic music enthusiasts around the world.


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