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An initiative for the benefit of the association Juste Humain whose goal is to bring Art and Culture to hospitalized children.

On the occasion of the Christmas holidays, SAFE TOGETHER offered a festive streaming concert while communicating for the association Juste Humain.

The broadcast took place on 25 December from 8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. on the site< /a> and on the Facebook pages of the different partners of Juste Humain.

Orchestrated under the conditions of a live concert, this solidarity event was recorded in the showroom FEUILLAZUR RUNGIS in order to highlight the place with a impressive scenography!

On the artistic side, we had the honor of hosting 2 DJs: Adixia and Lady Style, as well as a host of singers: Casanova, Emmy Liyanna, Esteban y Diego, Natacha Andreani, Philippine Lavrey & Tarik.

Thanks to the human and financial support of the partners and the donations made by the participants during the concert, the association Juste Humain was able to carry out particularly valuable projects during this period of COVID.


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