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Lumberjack Celebrates Their Beginnings with the Release of 'Friends' on Buy Now Records

Introduction: Progressive house music enthusiasts have reason to rejoice today as the legendary Lumberjack makes a comeback with their latest track titled 'Friends'. This iconic piece takes us back to the roots of the Lumberjack, reminiscent of their beginnings 10 years ago. True to their original artistic vision, the Lumberjack wanted to release this track to celebrate what defined them, and they have done so on their very own label, Buy Now Records.

A Return to Their Roots: Since their inception, the Lumberjack has always been at the forefront of the progressive house scene. Their unique and energetic sound has captivated audiences and earned them a prominent place among the top artists in the genre. With 'Friends', the Lumberjack returns to the very essence of their distinctive sound that has thrilled fans for a decade.

A Title Laden with Meaning: The choice of the title 'Friends' is no coincidence. It symbolizes the close relationship between the Lumberjack and their audience, a true friendship that has been built over the years. Fans are considered close friends, a musical family that has supported the duo since their early days. It is a tribute to the special connection that exists between the artists and those who listen to their music.

Release on Buy Now Records: For this highly anticipated release, the Lumberjack decided to launch 'Friends' on their own label, Buy Now Records. This bold decision reflects their desire to remain independent and continue to follow their own artistic path. Buy Now Records has become a platform of choice for innovative productions and emerging talents, and 'Friends' is a living proof that the Lumberjack is still at the forefront of the music scene.


The Return of the Lumberjack: 'Friends' is more than just a music track. It is a reminder of the very essence of the Lumberjack and everything that contributed to their success. Fans will be delighted to rediscover that contagious energy and those catchy melodies that marked the duo's beginnings. The Lumberjack continues to push the boundaries of progressive house and create an unforgettable musical experience for their audience.

Conclusion: With the release of 'Friends' on Buy Now Records, the Lumberjack reaffirms their position as pioneers of progressive house music. This emotionally charged track takes us back to the duo's beginnings a decade ago and celebrates the special relationship they have with their audience. The Lumberjack has remained true to their artistic vision, offering a unique and captivating musical experience through 'Friends'. Expect to be transported on an epic sonic journey and get ready to dance all night long to this essential Lumberjack track.



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