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DJ Snake Partners with McDonald's France to Launch Exclusive MENU

DJ Snake Partners with McDonald's France to Launch Exclusive MENU and Unveils New Track "West Side Story"

DJ Snake en backstage avec son MENU McDonald's

DJ Snake, the talented French DJ and producer, continues to surprise his fans. In addition to the exciting announcement of his collaboration with McDonald's France to create an exclusive MENU DJ Snake available in all McDonald's restaurants starting from June 20th, the artist also unveils his brand-new track titled "West Side Story," now available on all streaming platforms.

This unprecedented partnership between DJ Snake and McDonald's France goes beyond the creation of a personalized menu. It is accompanied by an advertising campaign featuring the artist's new track. Exclusively, the song "West Side Story" will be used to accompany the campaign's commercial film. In a press release, DJ Snake shared the reasons behind choosing this particular song to represent this unique collaboration:

"I wanted a joyful track with good energy, something unifying and timeless"

"West Side Story" perfectly embodies the festive and catchy atmosphere that DJ Snake aims to convey to his audience. The track promises to add an extra dimension to the DJ Snake MENU experience at McDonald's, creating a dynamic and enjoyable ambiance for customers.

This collaboration between DJ Snake and McDonald's France showcases how artists and brands can come together to offer unique experiences to their audience. With his international fame and distinctive musical style, DJ Snake brings a special touch to this initiative. Fans will have the opportunity to enjoy their idol's favorite dishes while listening to his new track, creating a memorable and immersive experience.

The MENU DJ Snake will be offered in limited edition in all McDonald's restaurants in France, and customers can start ordering it from June 20th onwards. This bold and innovative collaboration is a testament to the ever-evolving marketing strategies, highlighting the importance of creativity and diversity in partnerships.

Fans of DJ Snake and fast-food enthusiasts are eagerly looking forward to experiencing this unique collaboration between the artist and McDonald's France. The MENU DJ Snake combined with the new track "West Side Story" promises an exceptional culinary and musical experience, allowing everyone to savor the flavors of both music and fast food simultaneously.

Starting from June 20th, visit your local McDonald's to embark on the journey of the MENU DJ Snake and let yourself be carried away by the captivating rhythm of "West Side Story." A gastronomic and musical adventure awaits you, so get ready to indulge in delicious food while dancing to the beats of DJ Snake.


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