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Tez Cadey joins I AM NOT RICH booking agency for new musical projects

The French DJ and composer partners with a renowned agency for the next step in his musical career.

French electronic artist Tez Cadey has announced his partnership with booking agency I AM NOT RICH. After accumulating over 5 billion streams with his hit song "Seve", Tez Cadey has decided to focus on creating new music.

This new partnership with I AM NOT RICH reflects Tez Cadey's commitment to his career and to exploring new musical genres. He is eager to collaborate with other artists and produce inspiring new works.

Tez Cadey's arrival at I AM NOT RICH marks a new chapter in his career and promises new opportunities for his audience. He has always been dedicated to his music and his art, and this partnership is expected to be a major step forward for his career.

Fans can look forward to new music from Tez Cadey in the near future, as well as upcoming concert and tour dates that will be announced soon. Stay tuned to discover the artist's new creations and witness his progress in the electronic music industry.

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