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Micro House and Techno, are the musical styles on which he evolves. We could describe his sets as sweet auditory romances, sprinkled with subtle vibrating sounds, catchy and rhythmic with repetitive basslines. This bold and harmonic mix allowed Illan to transport his listeners on a ride filled with psychedelic sonic surprises.

His performances, flooded with his famous intoxicating melodies, have transported club audiences around the world to the voluptuous lands of the subconscious. We will mention in particular the Rex club in Paris, the Fabrica where he will share the turntables with the great Magda in Cordoba in Argentina, without forgetting to state the Sankeys in Ibiza.

His diligent work and his love for music allowed him to sign on labels such as Form Music (Popof), Time Has Changed, Baile Muzik. (etc...).

Illan created his own vinyl-only label under the name Dulceată

He finds his inspiration in the many vinyls he ardently selects. Note that it occurs mainly on these in order to keep a so-called "pure" sound quality.


Illan Nicciani - Mada Green
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