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NJ is a multifaceted artist. She is a DJ, Producer, Radio and Event Host, Sports Speaker and Presenter.
We recognize NJ by its many strings to its bow.

Above all in love with the stage and music, she was able to find naturally how to stand out from the others by developing her musical knowledge and her know-how in animation.

Her musical culture allows her to bring her audience wherever she wants thanks to an eclectic mix. She has made the microphone her greatest ally, which she handles to perfection. Her level of performance is rare in this area among women. NJ is talked about thanks to its style, its unique communication and its hard-hitting animation.

A true icon on the web, it has accumulated several million views on the web. She is the ambassador of the famous brand "Bose Professional".

As a DJ, she leaves her mark on the Clubs & Festivals where she goes. As an animator as a whole, she always leaves a mark wherever she goes. She is also Co-Founder of the group Pairplex which she forms with Jordan Patural. His remixes are frequently playlisted in Party Fun on Fun Radio and in NRJ Extravadance.

One thing is sure, do not look in NJ for what you are used to seeing because his favorite pastime is to always find something new that will surprise you.

From Berlin to Tahiti, passing by Sweden, she exercises her trades in the four corners of the globe.


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