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After the 5 billion streams achieved by his hit “Seve”, composed in 2015 in his student room in Lille, Tez Cadey has entered like a tornado into the top of the basket of French electronic artists. Released on Ultra Music, the flagship label of the world dance scene, he quickly found himself embarked on an international career, multiplying dates all over the world, and particularly in Asia, where "Seve" found an echo. particular thanks to a series of viral videos.

He therefore spent a good part of his years of study between planes, hotels and DJ sets. For Tez Cadey this development was not too confusing. Having grown up between Belgium, the United States and France, he naturally adapted to the rhythm of the tours which sent him on weekends to the four corners of the world.

After three years of international gigs, from 2016 to 2019, a first album in 2018, and a last American tour before confinement at the end of 2019, Tez Cadey felt the need to refocus on music and rediscover the pleasure of composing off the cuff. . “What drives me is composing new things all the time and exploring new genres. That's why when I started, I changed my style every week,” he explains.

These last months of 2020, he found the comfort of his home studio and his computer which allows him to work from anywhere, allowing him to reconnect with the immediacy of his early years. “I like the idea of being able to compose everywhere and being able to publish the title immediately on the Internet if I want.”


At 27, Tez Cadey also wants to broaden his horizons and put his talents as a producer at the service of others. He has thus worked in recent months for other artists, groups, singers and rappers. “It amuses me to produce for other people, I put on a different hat, I also write the lyrics for certain projects. I prefer to be able to do a bit of everything moderately than to excel in a specific discipline”

He also operated a mental transformation compared to his initial success: “It was not easy to detach my image from a hit like Seve, but I want to continue exploring. It took me a long time to tell myself that I am first and foremost a producer and DJ and that I can compose whatever I want, whether it's a techno or pop record.

Liberated and determined, Tez Cadey has not finished surprising the world.


Aftermovie - Delta Festival
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