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Matt GARNER is a Parisian DJ and music producer. Having grown up in a family of musicians, he very quickly developed technical skills that allow him today to evolve professionally in this passion sector. He discovered EDM at the age of 11, started mixing at 16 and began producing music at 19. 

In 2017 he decided to professionalize his skills by following professional DJ training at the UCPA School of DJs.

Now 28 years old, Matt Garner is a true enthusiast and demanding worker, he offers his audience much more than just a DJ set but a real experience. 

Creativity and energy are its main drivers. He finds his inspiration on a daily basis in his life experiences, his encounters, the influence of his musician father but also among the greatest international DJs.

His universe is shared in dynamic sets, diversified and filled with madness and is also found in the sounds he produces.

This madness and originality make him stand out and today allow him to tour in many unusual places and clubs in Europe.

Supported as a music producer by French and European DJs (Naeleck, Funk D, Lumberjack…) he is now becoming a rising profile to follow.


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